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Our Bathroom Renovation!

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Marble wall tile, herringbone floor tile, gray vanity and black and polished chrome hardware and accessories.
Bathroom remodel from Wunder Design Co.

This bathroom was definitely a labor of love. We expected it to be a quick and easy renovation since it's not a big space, and that definitely was not the case! But more on that later. We absolutely LOVE how the space came together.

1990s bathroom before - Wunder Design Co.

We used a mix of polished chrome and matte black hardware softened by the marble tile. We also mixed the scale and pattern of the tile from the walls to the floor by using 3x6 subway and herringbone. I also wanted to create some sort of focal point, and thought the perfect spot would be to replace the giant 1990s mirror with floor to ceiling tile since the drop lighting already created an alcove. To help make the space look larger, we carried the herringbone tile through to the shower pan.

Wunder Design Co. Bathroom Remodel. Photo by JTP Interiors.

Wunder Design Co. bathroom remodel - shower before.

One BIG piece of advice I have when working with marble tile is go through each piece and hand pick them and lay them out yourself BEFORE it's installed. Since marble is a natural stone, every piece is different and the pattern varies. This can cause very weird patterns when it's installed. I casually mentioned this to our contractor and said "make sure to mix them up," but he didn't end up doing that and put them exactly how they came out of the box. The way it was laid resulted in a huge gray stripe appearing down the middle of the floor (see photo below). This was not the look we were going for and we ended up having the contractor rip it out and do it over (resulting in more time and expense!).

For our kitchen backsplash, I laid each piece out exactly how I wanted it installed and I highly recommend you do the same if you choose marble or another natural stone! Don't rely on contractors to get it right, be very specific with them. Most of the time they are just trying to get things done as efficiently as possible, because time is money! But even with the delays and extra money, in my opinion, having a beautiful bathroom is well worth it!

Source info: Wall tile: Floor and Decor

Floor Tile: Floor and Decor

Grout: Floor and Decor - Maipai White 00

Mirror: Rejuvenation

Sink Faucet: Wayfair

Shower Faucet: The Home Depot

Hardware Accessories: Home Depot

Art: Minted

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