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A Serene Bathroom Renovation

I am so excited to share this bathroom renovation! It's one of my favorite transformations to date. My clients bought a new house and were on the fence as to whether to update their master bathroom right away or wait for a while, and I am so glad they chose to dive right in and go for it!

We got to work gathering inspiration, and they loved the soft, clean and fresh look of marble, but didn't want the maintenance. So my goal was to capture that look using easy to care for materials. They also wanted very minimal glass in the shower (again with the low maintenance), so we started by slightly adjusting the floor plan. We added a full wall on the side of the vanity to minimize the glass, and then adjusted the shower door to be on an angle towards the window, to maximize sunlight. Lastly, we replaced the gigantic jetted tub with a luxurious soaker tub below the window, and added a pony wall to hide the toilet. So fresh and clean!

Before shot of the bathroom:

Gold lighting and hardware softens the whole look of the room and offsets the navy vanity.

We used a "greige" grout and a "marble-look" quartz countertop to continue with the easy upkeep theme! A darker grout hides dirt and quartz is extremely durable and requires no maintenance like sealing or polishing.

Who needs a spa when you have this spot to relax?!

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