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Nursery Inspiration for my Baby Girl!

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

My husband and I are expecting a Baby Girl in January. We are completely over the moon excited to meet her in four short months! I am in full on nesting mode and am currently re-arranging our condo to make room for another human. And that also means I need to get started designing her nursery.

Nurseries are one of my favorite rooms to design. I have been having fun gathering inspiration well before I knew she was a girl, and I decided that either way I'm going to go with a black Jenny Lind-style crib. I'm also set on choosing a lot of layered print fabrics with a slight Cape Cod feel. I want her room to be elegant and serene, and something not overtly "baby".

As far as colors, I plan to incorporate some non-traditional girl nursery colors like blue or red. I also need to utilize a navy-gray armoire that will be used as her closet, since we are limited on space. I had always envisioned completely wallpapering the space, but we will likely move in the next year, so that wouldn't be practical. Below are some inspiration images I've been gathering on Pinterest and Instagram.

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Sep 05, 2018

I love the idea of not making a nursery not “too” baby! It allows you to easily transition the room as baby grows. Something we didn’t do with our first but hoping to do with our third!

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